Two Cows Instant Milk Powder 900g

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Product Description

Product Description
Two Cow’s milk is fresh milk powder from Dutch cows that graze on the grasslands. Because of this, the milk powder is rich in proteins and calcium. The calcium that milk naturally contains provides a building block for strong bones. With the addition of vitamins A and D3 the calcium can be absorbed even better. The Two Cows milk powders are suitable for pregnant women, young students and adults.
• Fresh Dutch milk powder of the highest quality 
• Rich in proteins and calcium
• With added vitamins A & D3
• Suitable for pregnant women, adults and students
Hygiene and food safety
With 900 certified farmers Vreugenhil Dairy Foods makes sure that only the highest quality milk is used in the production of the Two Cows milk powder. These certified farmers meet the most stringent demands for hygiene and food safety. To ensure the high quality Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods selects its raw materials carefully from their suppliers. Also, constant checks are carried out in laboratories to constantly optimize the Two Cows milk products.

Storage and use

Close the Two Cows tin immediately after use. Keep the Two Cows tin in a cool, dark and dry place. Not to be used as baby food.

Preparation info

Take 1 glass of water, add 3 tablespoons powdered milk to the water.
For 1 liter Two Cows milk: Take 900ml water and add 130g milk powder.
Allergy information
Contains milk and milk products (including lactose).


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